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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Restoration

Treating Hair Loss with PRP at in south Florida can help regrow hair follicles


We’ve been providing patients PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for men and women experiencing hair loss. PRP is an exciting non-surgical hair restoration option for patients who need stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.

Recent scientific studies within the medical community and advancements in technology have provided medical professionals with new understandings of wound and tissue healing. Because of this recent scientific research, we can recognize PRP as an all-natural autologous medical procedure conducted by physicians offices and clinics for hair stimulation as well as that of the scalp and skin.

Cosmetic PRP in South Florida for Hair Restoration using Platelets and even Stem Cells has shown impressive results for patients with hair loss. A simple procedure that takes about an hour can help strengthen and thicken the hair at the follicles so that men or women with significant hair loss can see improvements in a short period of time. We have helped hundreds of patients and our state of the art PRP centrifuge and blood processing equipment can increase paltelet and growth factor concentration 12-14 times above normal baseline levels. 


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 Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration in Jupiter

Contained within the human blood is mesenchymal stem cells, and autologous blood products which has essential and specific growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing. Medical literature and published studies from both Europe and the United States confirm the overall safety and effectiveness of PRP therapy. PRP has been used as a medial adjunct therapy for over twenty years for skin and wound healing. It’s established itself to be effective as a medical treatment modality in the specialty fields of oral surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, sports medicine and orthopedics. It’s been used extensively in these specialties for the last twenty years with universally positive success rates and outcomes. PRP for hair loss in Jupiter uses the best scientifically proved techniques in hair restoration, evidence has supported the therapy as a very promising treatment option for the promotion of hair growth. It should be noted that PRP is in the early stages of scientific research in hair restoration, and not meant to replace current FDA approved treatments, however it is a promising non-surgical therapeutic option for those patients with hair loss and has shown some amazing results thus far. Ask some of our patients and they'll share with you their success stories. If you've thought about getting  platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration in Palm Beach Gardens then call us today at 561-277-8286


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Blood is drawn in our office the same way as when you’re getting routine blood work at your primary care provider. The blood is then spun in a high speed centrifuge and the Platelet Rich Plasma is separated into a high concentration. The PRP is then separated and removed from the rest of the blood sample . In PRP, the platelets are concentrated to 3X their normal blood values. The system eliminates granulocytes which are cells that impede in the process of tissue regeneration and wound healing. The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp. The patient feels no pain during the injections due to a local anesthesia being utilized on the scalp. Afterwards, the patient’s hair is washed and the patient can drive home with no side effects. PRP contains several growth factors which stimulate hair follicle growth. PRP can be used preoperatively, intraoperatively, or post operatively. Many patients have chosen to have PRP performed every three (3) to four (4) months as early data suggests regular or semiannual PRP treatments that may stimulate hair growth. 


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Platelets which are contained in the PRP, are what scientists believe to theoretically cause growth of the hair follicles through the stimulation of stem cells and other cells within the microenvironment of the hair follicles. These cells promote healing, and often accelerates the rate and total degree of tissue healing and regeneration, response to injury, and the formation of new growth on a cellular level. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase.

Inside the Platelets there’s several intracellular structures like glycogen, lysosomes and alpha granules. These granules within the PRP contain clotting and growth factors that are eventually released during the healing and repair process.

PRP specific cells that causes hair growth include:

PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for men and women experiencing hair loss


Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF)—promotes blood vessel growth, cell replication, skin formation;

Transforming Growth-Factor-Beta (TGF-b)—promotes growth of matrix between cells, bone metabolism;

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)—promotes blood vessel formation;

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)—promotes cell growth and differentiation, blood vessel formation, collagen formation;

Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2)—promotes growth of specialized cells and blood vessel formation; and,

Insulin Like Growth Factor - (IGF)—a regulator of normal physiology in nearly every type of cell in the body

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PRP Therapy in Jupiter at NovaGenix

PRP Therapy in Jupiter at NovaGenix can help patients recover from a variety of conditions. Platelet Rich Plasma in Palm Beach County can be used for orthopedics, hair loss and facial rejuvenation. This is a video of Dr. Sigman performing and speaking about PRP injections in Jupiter Florida.