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If you're looking for PRP injections in West Palm Beach, You've come to the right place. NovaGenix has helped hundreds of patients with chronic pain, sports injuries, hair loss and facial rejuvenation. West Palm Beach PRP Therapy at NovaGenix can provide a comprehensive assessment and provide treatment with PRP injection therapy affordably and with one of the most experienced physicians in the state of Florida. Having performed PRP Treatments for several years, Dr. Mackey is a pioneer with Plasma Therapy. Having first discovered PRP years ago, he has successfully treated a "Who's Who" list of professional athletes in all disciplines, including D1 NCAA champion athletes, Professional Boxers, European Rugby Stars, Pro MMA fighters and UFC stars, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champions, Professional PGA Golfers and more. 

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy in Palm Beach

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in West Palm Beach offers PRP injection therapy and Stem Cells for medical use to assist with the PRP. Stem Cell Therapy in West Palm Beach at NovaGenix can help accelerate healing without the need for surgery, therapy and months spent in a cast. PRP and Stem Cell Therapy allow the body to heal faster and more completely in most cases, making PRP and Stem Cell Injections so popular right now. Dr. Mackey has been treating patients with Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatments for many years. Having trained and been certified in  Stem Cell Therapy and PRP treatments, he is one of the most experienced physicians in the state of Florida offering these medical treatments today.

How To Prepare Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma injection for Hair loss in West Palm Beach at NovaGenix PRP clinic

At NovaGenix, We do more than just treat our patients with PRP injections. We help educate them as to what Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is. Part of the process of PRP involves showing the patient how we separate the blood sample into the various layers including red blood cells, white blood cells, the buffy coat and plasma rich with growth factors, cytokines and platelets. The autologous sample will have the PRP isolated and used for PRP Knee treatments, PRP for Hair Loss as well as PRP for Face Treatments or PRP for Back Pain and more. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can help treat tendinitis, arthritis, chronic pain from injuries and for cosmetic purposes like PRP for hair loss for men and women with thinning hair or PRP for Facial rejuvenation and even the "P Shot" for men who wish to improve their sexual performance. Platelet Rich Plasma in West Palm Beach in Palm Beach Gardens and the treasure coast.

How does platelet rich plasma work?

Tennis elbow prp injections at NovaGenix in West Palm Beach Fl helps treat sports injuries with PRP

What is a platelet rich plasma injection?

It's simple. We draw a blood sample from you and use a centrifuge to spin the autologous sample to separate the blood into its various components.  Stem calls and Growth Factors like mesenchymal stem cells,  bFGF,  TGF-β, IGF, VEGF and  PDGF combine to send chemcical signals which instruct the cells to proliferate and repair the correct damaged tissue with new cells. When concentrated and reintroduced to the specific area of injury, PRP injections provide the body with capabilities to recover from various orthopedic conditions. 

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How long does platelet rich plasma last?

Every patient is different. Different ages and genetic factors as well as lifestyle choices will influence the quality of one's Growth Factors, Stem Cells and PRP sample. Having conducted independent analysis of our PRP sample, using a double spin blood concentrating device we are capable of harvesting a higher number of cells without damaging them in the process of separation. This helps the process be less painfull, and more effective which will allow the PRP results to work more efficiently and last longer. Everyone recovers at a different rate and to different degrees, but NovaGenix PRP therapy in West Palm Beach provides a permanent solution for injuries, as they are causing the body to heal on its own. That's not to say one may not re injure the area.  For PRP facial treatments and Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss, maintenance session may be required every few years depending on the individual and doctors recommendation. 

PRP recovery time at NovaGenix in West Palm Beach for Plasma Injections and stem cell therapy PRP

PRP Injection Recovery Time.

PRP injection recovery time is fast. We typically see our patients have very minor soreness the next day and are usually fine with in 3 days. We recommend 72 hours of limited motion post PRP procedure. Most people who get PRP leave and go back to work. Our professional athletes will try to get back to training immediately but the goal is to heal the injury, so we tell them to take a few days off to let the platelets begin to allow for tissue regeneration. Most people begin to see results from PRP within a few days to up to 6 weeks. It usually takes 6 weeks or more before we start to understand the total amount of improvement from the PRP injection. Most patients only need one PRP procedure, but depending on the degree of injury, it could require multiple sessions. 

West Palm Beach PRP Treatment

PRP injection side effects

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PRP is one the absolute safest and most effective procedures out there. According to the Stanford School of Medicine, there is less that a 1% chance of developing an infection at the PRP  injection site. There are also some patients who experience some pain or discomfort at the injection site, but that usually lasts no more than 24 hours and can be treated with simple over the counter medications like Tylenol. Because patients are injecting PRP samples that are autologous, which means made from their own tissue and blood, there in no chance of the body rejecting it. Most of our patients report minor pain at the injections site, the day of. Minor stiffness in the area that the Plasma PRP was injected into and that lasts about a day or two at most. Call us hear about our PRP reviews from real patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Knee

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Recent studies have been conducted which tested the efficacy of PRP Knee injections. One study performed showed that after receiving just 1 PRP injection, patients had significantly less pain after an entire year and the degeneration of tissue had not just slowed but actually stopped. Osteoarthritis (OA) treated with platelet rich plasma therapy showed significant improvement in pain. Traditionally OA is treated with cortisone injections and other anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and surgery. PRP Knee meniscus treatment as well as PRP Knee injections for ACL and MCL strains, sprains and tears are equally as promising and we've personally seen tremendous results. If youre looking for PRP near me, then give us a call!


PRP for hair loss in West Palm

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Platelet rich plasma for hair loss is a relatively new hair restoration procedure but has had extremely positive results and patient satisfaction. click here to read a study on PRP for alopecia.  Patients will get plasma rich with platelets and growth factors injected into the scalp. People often ask us "Does PRP hurt or are the injections painful?" We use antiseptic and mild topical anesthetic creams to make the procedure comfortable and relatively pain free. The results has so far been eye opening. Most patients see an improvement in around 3 months. We incorporate a few other protocols which increase our success rate, which we'd love to explain in a consultation in person, where we'd be able to assess whether you would make a good candidate for PRP for hair restoration in West Palm Beach.

PRP dermatology for West Palm Beach

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Although more research needs to be done to accurately gauge the success of PRP dermatology procedures, there are studies that have shown a 95% satisfaction rating when PRP is used for dermatology. PRP has been used on/for  1, Aging skin, Wrinkle filers, 3. Scars, 4. Acne, 5. Scalp alopecia, 6. lipofilling, 7.facial surgery, 8.  facial rejuvenation and more. We've seen it used to help fill the areas underneath the eyes, for treating crows feet and laugh lines and more. The treatments are affordable, effective and you can be in an out in around an hour. Keep in mind the majority of that time is spent waiting for the blood to spin! If you're looking for the best PRP clinic in West Palm, then call us today! 

PRP for sports injuries


Most serius athletes will get injured at one point in their career. PRP for back pain and knee injuries is helping these men and women return t training and competing after getting plasma injections to heal their sports injuries. Tiger Woods had PRP injections for back pain, as well as New York Yankee pitcher Masahiro Tanaka who received PRP for Tennis Elbow. At NovaGenix we've treated many high level athletes and were able to get them competing at the highest levels in their respective sports. Here is a link to a podcast talking about PRP and NovaGenix. With years of experience treating athletes with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Sports Injuries, we've set our selves apart from anyone else. Our list of patients will surprise you.

PRP Facial in West Palm Beach

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PRP therapy has recently been introduced more visably as a method of rejuvenating the skin, as well as helping to accelerate the normal healing processes and  renewal of facial skin cells by stimulating the collagen formation, increasing blood supply by creating new vascular pathways and subcutaneous tissue repair. Using a the patients own blood means that there is just about a zero risk of adverse reactions with Platelet Rich Plasma treatment.  PRP also can be used as an all "natural filler" which may help to restore volume where needed, helping  create a smooth natural and fuller look and glow to the patients skin.  West Palm Beach Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Injections are affordable and performed by an experienced MD. Call us today to set up an appointment.